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Greetings, everyone!
Part of Al Sadeem Astronomy’s mission is conducting and participating in scientific research from Abu Dhabi, along with public outreach. That said, we are currently working on two projects for New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). These are optical monitoring (imaging with our main telescope) of a potential x-ray binary black hole (MAXIJ1820+070) and a quasar called PKS 1830-211. We are also working with the team behind the “Habitable Exoplanet Hunting Project” for a Gliese 436 b exoplanet observation project. Since these researches demand thorough and meticulous data gathering, and in some cases processing, we have decided that the observatory will be open for guests and private visits only during the bright phases (particularly first quarter to last quarter phase) of the moon.
Not sure when? Here’s a link to help you out:
During the Gibbous phases of the moon, the moon is at its brightest, which makes imaging somewhat difficult compared to other phases. And that would be the perfect time to learn more about space at Al Sadeem!
Thank you for understanding and stay tuned for updates!
-Al Sadeem Astronomy Team