Epsilon Aurigae

Epsilon Aurigae

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We got an interesting gem in the Auriga constellation— Epsilon Aurigae, an unusual eclipsing binary star that remained a mystery to scientists and experts in the field of #astronomy for over two centuries!

Why? Well, Epsilon Aurigae happens to dim for a two-year period every 27 years. According to Space.com, scientists surmised that it could probably be an #eclipse caused by “a cloud of meteors, a black hole, another star, or a disk of material.” It was in 2013 when scientists figured out Epsilon Aurigae’s nature—an eclipsing binary star where a “dark” star routinely obscures the brighter star.

Epsilon Aurigae is also known as Almaaz, an Arabic name that means “he-goat.” 📸 @andy_quiaoit_palado

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