Thabet Al Qaissieh - Co-Founder

“If after 10 years, one student ends up going to university to study astronomy and astrophysics and goes on to pursue a career in that field, and their inspiration was from the observatory, then I have reached my goal.”

Alejandro Palado - Co-Founder

“Once I moved here, I immediately bought a telescope and started looking for astronomy groups. I was having a hard time finding people with similar interests, so I decided to start my own group; Abu Dhabi Astronomy.”

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No solar images were taken today, April 17, 2018, due to unfavorable condition (thunderstorm) at the proposed time of observation. Solar activity remains at very low levels over the past 24 hours. During the past 24 hours, space weather agencies designated the area of pores observed in the central region of the Sun’s visible disk…


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Here are today’s solar images taken from Al Sadeem Observatory, April 16, 2018. The sky was mostly clear but experienced moderate to fresh breeze making the seeing and transparency average to poor at the time these images were taken.

Whether you are a keen night watcher or are just looking to explore astronomy as a hobby, the group will gladly give you the basics and get you started on this journey.

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