2021 Sky Events: How April Nights Would Look Like

From moon-planet conjunctions to a major meteor shower, April promises a favorable time to go out for stargazing. We’re also anticipating the holy period of Ramadan this month.

Check out below this month’s sky events. All dates and times were given in UAE Local Time (UTC+4).

1. Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn

April begins with the pairing of Waning Crescent Moon and Saturn, with the Earth’s natural satellite passing about 4° to Saturn’s south. Observers must be ready to stay up late ‘til dawn to see this conjunction.

2. Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter

On this day, it’s the gas giant Jupiter’s turn to get close to the Moon as seen in the dawn sky. These two celestial objects share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing about 4.5° to the south of Jupiter.

3. Conjunction of the Moon and Mars

Heads up! The five-day-old Moon is passing less than 1° to the south of the red planet Mars as seen from our night sky.

4. Lyrid meteor shower 2021

It’s been a while since we’ve had some meteor showers! April showcases the Lyrid meteor shower, but don’t expect too much. This year’s spectacle may call for more patience, as the Waxing Gibbous Moon will glare much of the sky for the majority of the night.

These Lyrids are from the debris of Comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1).