Here are today’s solar images taken from Al Sadeem Observatory, June 29, 2017.

The sky was mostly clear and experienced less wind, making the seeing and transparency good at the time these images were taken.


AR2664 has been decomposing over the past 24 hours as it lost more of its associated spots; indicating magnetic stability and further decrease in solar activity. The latest sunspot number (based on visual count and Wolf number calculation) is 12.

SIDC and NOAA-SWPC forecast a persisting low solar activity, with minimum chance of any serious solar flare or CME activity. In particular, a continuing reduction in solar activity is predicted to take place as AR2664 is about to decay further slowly. Close monitoring is being conducted for any significant development.

Some plages and filaments near the eastern limb were captured in the false color H-alpha image.

Overall, solar activity is considered low at this moment.