Comet C/2018 N2 (ASASSN)

Comet C/2018 N2 (ASASSN) (center) taken from Al Sadeem Observatory last September 10, 2019, using GSO RC8 telescope and ZWO1600MC camera. Comet’s apparent magnitude is at +12.82 at the date and time of capture.

The comet was discovered by the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASASSN) program from images taken on July 7-11, 2018 with the 14-cm “Cassius” survey telescope at Cerro Tololo, when it was 402 million miles from Earth with a measured apparent magnitude of +16.4. The discovery was issued in the MPEC 2018-O01 last July 16, 2018. It made its close approach to Earth on October 19, 2018, at about 205 million miles from Earth, peaked at magnitude +11 and reached perihelion on November 11, 2018, revealed a slightly curved short dust tail.


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