Our History

Al Sadeem means “nebula” in Arabic

Al Sadeem Astronomy is the result of a desire to give space enthusiasts in the UAE a place they could go to and learn about the Universe.

This desire brought together Thabet Al Qaissieh and Alejandro Palado, who have both been captivated by the night sky’s mysteries since they were kids.

And the central force that made the Observatory a reality were the words of Thabet’s late younger brother Mansour: “You will be giving so much to the community.”

In 2016, the Al Sadeem Observatory in Abu Dhabi opened to the public, becoming the first private observatory to offer a front seat to the cosmos.

A spherical metal sculpture representing the planets is placed beside the Observatory to honor Thabet Al Qaissieh’s late brother. Engraved in the middle of it is Mansour’s graffiti.

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