Here are today’s solar images taken from Al Sadeem Observatory, August 25, 2017.

The sky was clear and experienced a little bit of air turbulence, making the seeing and transparency average to good at the time these images were taken.

Generally low solar activity was observed over the past 24 hours. As expected, more solar flaring activity of different intensities was perceived from the two visible active regions. Based on recent reports, the elongated AR2671 produced numerous B-class flares while AR2672 generated few C-class flares. These flares are considered minor and shall not make any significant effect to Earth. Few more sunspots have disintegrated and eventually disappeared due to slight magnetic stabilization. The latest sunspot number (based on visual count and Wolf number calculation) is 37.

Space weather agencies forecast further B-class to C-class (with slight chance for M-class) intensity solar flaring activity to continue in the next few days. The extent of the frequency and intensity of the Sun’s activity will highly depend on the magnetic flux fluctuations happening in the ARs in the coming days. Close monitoring is being conducted by numerous space weather agencies for any significant development.