Here are today’s solar images taken from Al Sadeem Observatory, June 14, 2017.

The sky was clear, but experienced some light to moderate breeze, making the seeing and transparency fair at the time these images were taken.

A new active region (AR) 2662 has been designated which is currently noticeable in the Sun’s photosphere. The latest sunspot number (based on visual count and Wolf number calculation) is 11. Despite its presence, SIDC and NOAA-SWPC forecast a persisting relatively calm Sun with minimal chance of any major solar flare or CME activity in the next few days.

Some filaments, plages, prominences, and flares were captured in the false-color H-alpha image. A close-up picture of AR2662 is also posted for additional feature.

Overall, solar activity is considered low at this moment. We’ll keep monitoring for any significant development.