2000QL7 is an Amor-class near-Earth asteroid which was discovered independently by the LINEAR survey in August 2000 but it was first observed on July 21, 1977, at Siding Spring Observatory.  

Its orbit approaches Earth’s orbit but does not cross it which makes it unlikely to make any imminent collision with Earth in the future based on simulations. It orbits the Sun every 1380 days coming as close as 1.19 AU at perihelion and reaching as far as 3.66AU from the Sun at aphelion.

It made its close approach on January 8, 2020, at 0.37AU. It was estimated to have an average diameter of between 2 – 5 km based on combined optical and radar observations and calculations. Last March 3, 2020, Al Sadeem Observatory measured the object with a V magnitude of 16.7-16.8V and gradually fading. The Northolt Branch Observatories measured its rotation period of 2.3751± 0.0002 hours.