495 Eulalia

Asteroid 495 Eulalia is a minor-planet discovered by Max Wolf from Heidelberg Observatory on October 25, 1902. It was named after the discoverer’s wife’s grandmother.

It has a mean radius of 19.425±0.7 km and a rotation period of 28.967 Earth hours.

Based on a study using the data from NASA Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission, it is a low-albedo asteroid within Nysa-Polana complex in the inner Main-belt which was hypothesized to belong to an independent family of asteroids formed “between 900 and 1500 Myr ago, and likely resulted from the breakup of a 100 to 160 km parent body”; having a close 3:1 orbital resonance with Jupiter.

Last August 1, 2019. Al Sadeem Observatory measured its apparent magnitude at +14.1 V.