Al Sadeem Observatory Opens Its Doors To Visitors To Celebrate World Space Week 2017

Last October 5-6, 2017, Al Sadeem Astronomy (ASA) conducted an open house observatory event in celebration of the World Space Week at Al Sadeem Observatory, a week of celebration spreading awareness about general astronomy and space exploration to the general public being held every year all over the world.

For the entire 2-day event, a total of 70+ individuals attended and participated in the interactive and educational astronomy activities. The participants garnered introductory knowledge about the Sun, the Moon, and constellations through brief lectures and stargazing imparted by the observatory’s resident astronomer Aldrin B. Gabuya, took a sneak peek of the Sun, the Full Moon, and Saturn through the observatory’s optical telescopes, and witnessed its first astrophotos and other equipment as exhibits inside.

Other key individuals present in the event were Mr. Thabet Al Qaissieh, observatory owner and co-founder, who gave a warm welcome to the guests on both days, Fadi Imseih who assisted in the moon viewing on the first day, and Mr. Alejandro Palado, observatory director and co-founder, for his help in the observatory tour and moon viewing using the observatory’s main telescope on the second day.

All participants had an astonishing learning experience in the event, especially to the inquisitive ones. Below are the highlights of the event:

As this international event comes to a close, we thank everyone who celebrated World Space Week 2017 with us. It is always a great pleasure for us to meet people who have this same passion gazing the wonders of the cosmos. We hope to see you again next year. Keep looking up, be amazed, and stay curious. Clear skies!

From top: The Sun, Full Moon, Saturn, and the Milky Way captured during World Space Week Celebration at Al Sadeem Observatory

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