Perseid Meteor Shower 2017: How To See

On the evening of 12th of August 12 until dawn of August 13, there will be an annual event that will light up the sky, Perseid Meteor Shower.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is one of the brighter meteor showers of the year and it occurs every year between July 17 and August 24. However, the peak date when the most meteors will streak across the sky will fall on the late evening hours of August 12 until dawn of August 13.

For this year 2017, the Perseids will be a little more difficult to see due to the presence of the moon, 74% illumination and will rise in a while before the shower hits its peak near midnight in UAE time.

According to the Zenithal Hour Rate, the estimated number of meteors that can be seen when the radiant of the meteor shower is at zenith, will be about half what they would be normally, because of the bright moonlight.  Instead of 80 to 100, there will be 40 to 50 per hour. And that’s just because the moon’s going to wash out the fainter ones” assuming the absence of light pollution, cloud cover and obstruction

When traced the meteor’s path, it seems to radiate from the constellation Perseus (the warrior), hence the name was derived, though it can be seen anywhere in the sky. The meteor shower occurs when the Earth passes the stream of space debris from comet Swift-Tuttle during this period, entering and burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Figure 2. The Position of Perseids Radiant (Image Credit: Stellarium,

To have the best view of the meteor shower, go to a remote area away from city lights and obstruction. Look towards the northeast, find the constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia, and spend your time relaxing while watching the “shooting stars” flash in the heavens.

Short Film Showing during Last Year’s Perseids Observation Event

Participants in Last Year’s Perseids Observation Event


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A Captured Perseid Meteor taken from Al Sadeem Observatory last 2016 (Image Credit: Praboodhan Pordar Photography)

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