Here are today’s solar images taken from Al Sadeem Observatory, July 12, 2017.

The sky was hazy and experienced intermittent moderate to strong breeze, making the seeing and transparency poor at the time these images were taken.

AR2665 has slightly mellowed down its activity as it shown signs of gradual decay over the past 24 hours with only numerous minor B-class to C-class solar flare recorded which didn’t make an tremendous impact to Earth.

On the other hand, a new sunspot group was seen popping out to the northwest of AR2665 which is about to be designated when it last in the next couple of hours. The latest sunspot number (based on visual count and Wolf number calculation) is 41.

Space weather agencies forecast continuous flaring activity from AR2665, with high probability of B-class to C-class with slight chance of M-class flares. Close monitoring is being conducted by numerous space weather agencies for any significant development.

Some filaments and little prominences on the limbs were captured on its occurrence in the false color H-alpha image.